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Good-quality pool equipment is vital for maintaining clean, clear water to swim in. Our team can supply the pumps, filters, chlorinators and other products you need to ensure a pristine pool.

Brands we work with: Emaux, Poolrite, Blue Glass Pebble, Quartzon, Spa Electric and many more. For new product supply and set-up, as well as repairs for existing equipment in Coffs Harbour or Macksville, contact us today.

Filtration Equipment

A proper filtration set-up is important for removing insoluble debris, such as sand, dirt, twigs and leaves, from your pool. It also helps to keep water flowing to minimise mosquitoes and help balance out bacteria. Every pool is different. The filter you need will depend on the size of your pool and the type of pipes it has, as well as if you have any water features.

Pool Pumps

A pool pump is the heart of the water circulation system. The pump pulls water from the pool through the skimmer and main drain, through the filter, before returning the cleaned water to the pool again. Without a pump, the cleaning system for your pool cannot work. It’s important to know what time of day is best to run the pump, which our team are happy to help you with.


Chlorine is the most common pool-cleaning chemical. While it is effective at preventing the growth of bacteria, algae and other harmful, it needs to be carefully monitored as too much can cause skin to become irritated. It is a chlorinator’s job to evenly distribute chlorine into the water. As well as providing the equipment and setting it up, we can teach you to effectively monitor your chlorine levels for the perfect balance.